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Keep In Touch With The Latest Developments In The Gem Industry-July2009
October 13, 2009

Monthly Newsletter October 2009


1)507 Carat Large Diamond Discovered At The Cullinan Mine

A large 507.55 carat diamond was discovered at the Cullinan Diamond Mine on Thursday the 24th September 2009. This makes it one of the largest rough diamonds ever found.

This is the 18th largest rough diamond discovered in the world so far. The Cullinan Diamond with a weight of 3106 carats is the largest rough diamond ever found.It was also discovered in the same diamond mine in 1905. Read More

2) Internet Stones. COM launches Facebook Page.

Support Internet Stones. COM by joining our Facebook Pages. Keep in touch with the latest in the diamond, jewelry, gemstone and mineral industries. Get answers from experts around the world. Join Our Facebook Page

3)Diamonds Glittering Again For Indian Workers

Surat the diamond city of India is thriving once again. The Indian diamond cutting center located in the state of Gujarat was severely affected by the global economic downturn because diamonds are luxury goods which are the worst affected during any recession. It is widely believed that the rapidly growing economies of the Middle East, China, Hong Kong and India has gone a long way in helping the diamond industry regain its glitter. Read More

4)Hope Diamond � Online Voters Choose Embracing The Hope Setting

Over 100,000 online voters participated in the selection of the new setting for the Hope Diamond from the 18th of August to the 7th of September. The voters had to select one out of three settings designed by Harry Winston. The three settings were named Journey of Hope, Embracing Hope and Renewed Hope. Read More

5) Facebook, Twitter and Google Login and other advanced technical API applications available on Internet Stones.COM News Media.

Our engineers and programmers have been working very hard lately to keep in touch with the latest trends.

You can now login to our News section via your Facebook/Twitter Username and password to pass comments. This can also be a great way to promote your business.

Google friend connect is now available on our website. Google friend connect enables you to login via Google, Yahoo and even Open Id,then invite your friends. Our News Website

6)Diamond Bling Now Popular In India

Diamond studded accessories are becoming popular in the Indian diamond city of Surat.

With the grip of the recession loosening leading to prosperity, they want everything in their life to glitter like diamonds.

According to the commodity online and the Times of India, you can get diamond studded pen drives, crockery, leather belts, cell phones, shoes and even diamond studded dog collars. Read More

7)More Media Mentions of Internet Stones.COM

Internet Stones. COM has been quoted by the following media firms:

i) Bloomberg- is one of the biggest media firms in USA

ii)Rediff- is the most popular Indian based website and the 8th most visited website in India (According to Alexa. COM- A Amazon owned company).

iii) SiDE 2- is the most popular TV station in Norway.

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