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Keep In Touch With The Latest Developments In The Gem Industry-July2009
March 15, 2010

Monthly Newsletter March 2010


1)Alrosa to supply Indian diamond manufacturers

Alrosa, the Russian diamond mining giant has signed a three year deal with Indian diamond manufacturers. The three year supply deal with three of India�s leading diamond manufacturers, Rosy Blue, Ratilal Becharial and Diamond India Ltd. was signed in New Delhi. Read More

2) EDUCATION: Harmonized System Codes- HS CODES for the gem and jewellery industry

The Harmonized System of Coding also known as Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS or HS Codes) is an internationally accepted and standardized system for naming, numbering and classifying traded products. Read More

3)De Beers opens private conservation land for tourists.

De Beers opened 250, 000 ha of cross-regional private conservation land called the Diamond Route to tourists. The private land is owned by De Beers Group and the Oppenheimer family.

The environmental conservation and tourism project brings into light not only the diamond-mining features of South Africa but also the cultural and historical aspects of South Africa. Read More

4)J.C. Penny to unveil Cindy Crawford Jewelry Line.

J. C. Penny Company inc. has announced that the well known supermodel Cindy Crawford is to launch a new fine jewelry brand exclusively with J. C. Penny.

The One Kiss collection by Cindy Crawford will launch 45 pieces of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The pieces which will be made from sterling silver, will be gold-plated. Some of the pieces will be set with lemon quartz, diamonds, smoky quartz, rhodolite garnets and deep purple iolite. Read More

5) Photos: Gallery of some exceptionally large gemstones found in Sri Lanka.

A large blue sapphire found at Palmadulla, Sri Lank, weighing 250 carats. It is a corn flower blue sapphire of exceptional quality. Read More

6)Special Edition: The Peacock Throne - Takht-i-Tā'ūs - As Described by Tavernier

It was during Tavernier's sixth voyage to India, which he undertook between 1663 and 1668, he had the privilege of visiting the court of the great Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, at Jahanabad, at the invitation of the Emperor himself. The main purpose of Tavernier's invitation to the Emperor's court, was for the Emperor to inspect whatever jewels Tavernier had brought from the west, with a view of purchasing them. During this visit Tavernier not only sold several jewels to the Emperor and his uncle Jaafar Khan, but established a close rapport with the Emperor, that prolonged his stay at Jahanabad Read More

7)Special Edition: The Imam of Muscat Pearl - That Surpassed in Beauty All Other Pearls in the World

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, the renowned French traveler and gem and jewelry merchant of the 17th-century, made six voyages to the east during his lifetime, mainly to India and Persia, at a time when these two countries were among the richest nations in the world. Persia was then ruled by the kings of the Safavid dynasty and India, by the mighty Mughal emperors. Read More

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