• I Have recently discovered off the islands of Palawan, Philippines "THE GRANDMOTHER OF ALL PEARLS" ..

    She is a natural non-nacreous TRIDACNA GIGAS Pearl (GIANT CLAM SPECIES). Grandma weighs a whopping 27.5 lbs. (12.5 kilos) with a radius of 28 inches .

    Grandma is twice the size and weight of the largest pearl in the world " The Pearl of Allah".. Grandma as we have aptly named her bares the striking resemblance of an elderly woman, (see photos) She is in her natural state and has not been altered, or manipulated. She hails from a 4 1/2 ft. long Giant Clam shell. The pearl was removed leaving the shell intact. Although the pearl is legal ,The shell has not been removed due to illegalities of removing or possessing the shell of this species. I have not had Grandma appraised at this time, nor do I have a GIA certification at this time. I cannot locate proper accredited appraisal services here in the Philippines ? Any recommendations ? The photo files were to large to attach, How do i shrink them down to under 1MB?

  • At 12.5 kilos the GRANDMOTHER OF ALL PEARLS is indeed one of the largest Giant Clam pearls ever discovered off the Island of Palawan in the Philippines and I am sure has an enormous collector's value associated with it. Thanks antonioamore for uploading the image of this massive pearl. As you said the pearl has an uncanny resemblance to the face of an elderly woman !!!

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