Metaphysical Properties Of Citrine

  • The energy of this mineral is especially applicable to the areas of the solar plexus and the chakras located at the hands and feet. It can be used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages. It softens negeative energy and allows the positive frequencies to enter the realm of affection. It works to dissolve the resultant formations, effects, dissorders and diease which a problem has created.

    Citrine is one of the minerals on the planet which does not hold and accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it, working-out problems on both the physical and subtle levels. It, hence never needs clearing or cleansing.

    It has been reported that citrine is one of the stones to be called the "merchant's stone"; placing a piece of citrine in ones cash box has produced more income for the merchant. It not only assists the merchant in aquiring wealth, but helps to maintain the state of wealth.

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