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    All users of these forums should agree to the following terms before using this board:

    1)Please do not spam our forums.If you want to popularize your services or your online store, contribute to our forums in a constructive way. There is nothing wrong in putting links if you are an established active participant of our community. In other words contribute to our forums first, if you are a knowledgeable regular individual to our forums we might even elevate you to moderator status/offer incentives.Regular participants may use their website url in their forum signatures. It takes a lot of work, dedication and contribution from numerous individuals to run a successful forum.

    2)You should be 13 years of age or over to use these forums. This is due to the enforcement of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

    3)Refrain from posting abusive/insulting comments to fellow board members. You may not harass other members in any way.

    4)You may not disclose the contents of a private message or e-mail of a current or past member.

    5)Be friendly and helpful. We hope that you will take time to research and write well. Remember not to offend anyone while writing.

    6)Stay on topic. This is very important if you are posting on an old thread. If you do a search and do not find a thread to post ,you may consider starting a new thread.

    7)Post one message to one post,do not copy and paste the same message into numerous posts in order to attract attention. We are always listening. There is a an unanswered question panel for all moderators and administers to view. Coping and pasting the same content on different pages is against the guidelines of all search engines (Duplicate Content), therefore we enforce this very strictly.Users who repeatedly do so will be banned from our forums.

    8)Do not copy and paste content from other websites( Including yours) to this forum.These are among the worst type of offenders and will be banned from our forums. We do not want to have a bad reputation with the search engines or breach copyright laws.

    We use a program called Copyscape .COM , to track the users that are putting up content word for word (Duplicate) on our site from other websites. Such users will be banned instantly.

    9)Respect moderator decisions.Moderators go out of their way to keep this forum organized, useful and a friendly place. They do a lot of work such as answering your questions , moving/editing posts and removing promotional links etc.

    If one or more of your posts are moved or edited, please take no offense, instead learn from it and move ahead. It is definitely not personal.

    Moderators are sacrificing their time therefore it is not fair for us to argue/debate their decisions.

    10) Refrain from posting adult content material (Images and links). This will get you instantly banned.

    11) Refrain from creating multiple accounts for yourself, we track IP addressees, and will ban such individuals immediately.

    12)Nick names/user names that sound vulgar will be removed.

    13)User names that are obviously promotional in nature (such as web addresses , company names etc will be removed).

    14)Discussing racial/ethnic issues are not allowed on this website.

    15)Any post can be deleted anytimeby an administrator/moderator feels that it is offensive.

    16) The administrator and moderators have the right to change the rules of this forums at any time without prior notification.

    17) Any recommendation on any product or services given by the administrators and moderators of this forums are given in good faith and not influenced by any commercial interests.

    18)You cannot copy or retransmit any posts or pages from these forums without the permission of the author/authors of the posts and the permission of the administrator. However you may freely link to any post/pages on these forums.

    19)Anyone who puts affiliate links on these forums will be banned permanently without reconsideration.

    20)If you feel that any post did not follow the rules and guidelines on this page please report it to an administrator/moderator by sending a personal message or posting on the Kudos and complains forum.

    21) Please note that every individual is responsible for his/her own post and cannot hold forums. internetstones. com responsible for any message posted.

    22)If any individual posts false information regarding another individual/company that provides goods/services in this sector. That individual is liable to prosecution under federal law (the Communications Decency Act) by the individual/company. forums. internetstones .com is not legally responsible for such complains because there is no way for us to verify the truth. Please note that even if such cases arise we will remove that post only if a court order is received. This is to allow for freedom of expression of every individual which is a basic human right.

    23) Please note that we do not accept company profiles on these forums.

    24)This is the only professional forum on the internet where traders wholesale and retail can create threads and upload their products/services free of charge. Merchants may also quote price and put up descriptions, but please make sure these descriptions are unique (Not the ones on your website or posted elsewhere by you on the internet). If you post duplicate descriptions that post/page will be deleted by the search engines and you will not benefit from that post. This problem can be solved by simply rewriting/rephrasing the descriptions to make them unique.

    We are very cautious about this move if these forums for posting products become unruly/brings massive duplicate content we will delete and get rid of those forums.

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