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    Murano glass jewelry is also another type which comes among the top jewelry types. You can simply observe the design of these jewelries and you will completely be surprised with the beauty of them.

    I need some advice because I'm preparing for a serious step in my life... As some of you may know, I have a girlfriend for about four years and one day she admitted that she wants to receive an engagement ring and I replied: I would think about it...

    What kind of engagement rings are better? White gold or yellow gold? (My personal preference is yellow gold)... What about the gemstones? Are zircon gemstones suitable? Or we should stick strictly to diamonds?

    Another question I wonder about is... the size!!! I don't have any idea about how to measure her finger and it just won't happen because the element of surprise will be gone..

    What about the process of giving? Should a person stick to a special dinner or it should be a surprise... even during a walk in the park?

    I'm open to suggestions

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