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We have one of the most extensive resource on famous gemstones. These gemstones are classified alphabetically in groups. Within each group the respective gemstones are again classified alphabetically. Each gemstone has a dedicated page where it is dealt with in detail.

We have dealt with famous gemstones in both our Blog and in our Main Site. This is a comprehensive list of all the gemstones we have covered (Both in the Blog and in the Main Site).

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Ashok Kumar Sanchetis Carved Emerald Smithsonian Institution


Atocha Emeralds


Beauharnais Emerald Collection - Grand Duchess Stephanie Emerald Parure


Cambridge and Delhi Dunbar Parure


Caravel Pendant


Carolina Queen Emerald


Catherine the Great Emerald and Diamond Necklace


Catherine the Great Emerald Jewelry


Chalk Emerald Ring


Crown of Andes


Duke of Devonshire Emerald


Emerald and Diamond Parure of Marie Louise Empress of France


Emerald Encrusted Utility Items in the Iranian Crown Jewels


Emerald Man


Emerald Necklaces of the Maharajah of Nawanagar


Emeralds of the Programa Royal Collections


Emerald Unguentarium/Vessel


Gachala Emerald


Godman Emerald and Diamond Necklace


Grand Duchess of Vladimir Tiara


Guiness Emerald Crystal


Hooker Emerald Brooch


Isabella Emerald


Jewel-Studded Special Settings-Emerald Studded Globe


Largest Faceted Emeralds from North Carolina


Loose Emeralds in the Iranian Crown Jewels


Mackay Emerald Necklace


Madeleine H Murdock's Emerald Necklace


Marie Therese Duchess d' Angouleme Emerald and Diamond Tiara


Maximilian Emerald Ring


Moghul Emerald


Naem Emerald


Norwegian Emerald Parure - Empress Josephine's Emerald Parure


Patricia Emerald


Queen Victorias Emerald and Diamond Tiara


Sacred Emerald Buddha


Spanish Inquisition Necklace


Significant Emeralds found in North Carolina


Swords, Daggers and Shields of the Iranian Crown Jewels


Three Crowns of the Iranian Crown Jewels


Thrones of the Iranian Crown Jewels


Tiaras of the Iranian Crown Jewels


Topkapi Emerald Dagger


Tumbled Emerald Necklace on Laughing wooden Buddha


Rose Quartz

World's Largest Star Rose Quartz - Michael Scott Collection




Alan Caplan Ruby - Mogok Ruby


Chhatrapati Manik Ruby


List of faceted rubies greater than 10-carats in weight


J. N. Forster Rubies


Mandalay Ruby


Neelanjali Ruby


Nga Mauk & Kallahpyan Rubies


Peace Ruby


Prince's Ruby at the Bowers Museum


Rajaratna Star Ruby


Raviratna Star Ruby


Rosser Reeves Star Ruby


Star of Bharany Ruby



The Black Star of Queensland Famous Black Sapphire Gemstone


“Blue Belle of Asia” Sapphire


Blue Giant of the Orient


Catherine the Great's Sapphire


De Long Star Ruby


Empress Maria Alexandrovna Sapphire Brooch


Famous Blue Star Sapphires Greater than 100 carats in Weight


Gordon Star Sapphire and Gordon Sapphire Necklace


Hill's Kashmir Sapphire


List of Blue Sapphires Excluding Blue Star Sapphires Greater than 100-carats in weight


List of famous Sri Lankan blue sapphires greater than 100 carats in weight arranged in descending order of carat weights


List of famous blue sapphires in the world greater than 100 carats in weight arranged in descending order of carat weights


Logan Blue Sapphire


Midnight Star Sapphire


The Bismarck Sapphire Necklace


“The Lone Star”- Blue Sapphire


The Rockefeller Sapphire


The Ruspoli Sapphire


Star Of Artaban


Star of Asia Sapphire


Star Of Bombay


Star of India


Star of Lanka Sapphire


Queen Marie of Romania's Sapphire


St. Edward's Sapphire


Stuart Sapphire


Unnamed 393-carat Sri Lankan Blue Star Sapphire


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