Graff Cushion-Cut Diamond

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Origin of name

The Graff cushion-cut diamond seems to get its name partly from the name of the diamond's owner and partly from the type of cut of the diamond. The diamond is not listed among the 36 diamonds given on the web pages of the Graff website.

Characteristics of the diamond

The Graff cushion-cut diamond is a 11.89-carat, D-color, internally flawless (IF), cushion-shaped diamond, set in a platinum ring, and featured on Graff advertisements in the New York Times, on several occasions.

The diamond is most probably a Type IIa diamond, being an absolutely colorless, D-color diamond. Such diamonds are free of all impurities and have perfectly formed crystals. They are said to be chemically pure and structurally perfect. In the absence of factors that can cause colors, these diamonds are absolutely colorless.



Being a new diamond, there is not much history associated with it, but the diamond certainly has the potential to build up it's owns myths and legends as it passes from generation to generation. Even the early history of the diamond, such as the country of origin, mine of origin, date of discovery etc. are all unknown.

The cushion-cut for diamonds has been quite popular over the years, and has been employed in the industry, for over a century. Cushion-cut is sometimes referred to as pillow-cut. The cushion-cut diamonds have rounded corners and larger facets, to increase their brilliance. The larger facets highlight the diamonds clarity. Cushion-cut diamonds vary in shape from square to rectangular. A length to width ratio of 1.00 to 1.05, may be regarded as a square cushion, but a ratio of greater than 1.15 is known as a rectangular cushion.

All Graff jewelry are handmade, in one of the largest in-house workshops for hand made fine jewelry in the world, employing over 70  highly skilled craftsmen, situated in London. Every piece is set with the minimum of platinum or gold, to maximize the intrinsic beauty of the stone. All stages of production from the rough diamonds to the finished jewelry are handled by different workshops of Graff. It has one of the largest workshops in the world for cutting and polishing diamonds, in Johannesburg, South Africa, that employs over 300 expert craftsmen. Graff also has a diamond processing and jewelry manufacturing workshop, in the Mauritius Island, in the Indian Ocean, employing over 80 local craftsmen.

Graff has two workshops that specialize on the cutting and polishing of large rough diamonds, that may eventually qualify as notable and famous diamonds, one in Antwerp and the other in New York. The New York factory is manned by a team of 10 highly experienced cutters, headed by a master cutter. Since it's inception this factory has cut and polished several of the world's notable diamonds, including the 101-carat "Golden Star" diamond. The Antwerp factory. situated at the heart of the famous Antwerp Diamond Center, is manned by a well trained and experienced team of 30 cutters, also headed by a master cutter. Antwerp today, is a global power house of the diamond industry, with almost 85 % of the world's rough diamonds and about 50 % of polished diamonds passing through Antwerp every year.

Laurence Graff, the founder of the company, also known as the "King of Diamonds", has handled the world's most fabulous and treasured gemstones, and continues to create some of the most exciting and glamorous jewelry of his time.

He has set an unsurpassed standard of excellence and innovation in the industry, and it is said that more important gem quality diamonds have passed through his hands, than any other living dealer. Some of the stones are centuries old and steeped in myth and history, while others have just been discovered, and brought to life in Graff's own workshops, and expected to build their on myths and legends as they passed down the lane of posterity.


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