March Birthstone-Aquamarine or Bloodstone

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Aquamarine is a March Birthstone. Aqua in Latin means water, and marine means sea. The name seems to reflect the color of the stone, which can be in different shades of blue, bluish green, or greenish blue, reminiscent of the color of the ocean.

The gem stone was believed to protect sailors when they were out at sea, granting them a safe voyage. The wearing of an aquamarine gave the wearer a cool and calm disposition equivalent to the serene color of the stone.

Aquamarine belongs to the Beryl group of minerals. It is composed of Beryllium Aluminium Silicate. Sometimes aquamarine may contain inclusions such as Haematite and mica.

Aquamarines are found in Sri Lanka and Pakistan in Asia, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique and Madagascar in Africa, Brazil in South America, Colorado and North Carolina in the US.


Aquamarine Rough

Aquamarine Faceted


This is an alternative Birthstone for March. The name is derived from the belief that it has healing powers for blood disorders.

In Ancient Babylonia bloodstones were used for amulets and worn by sick people suffering from blood disorders.

Bloodstones are also referred to as Martyr's stones. This name is derived from the legend that the stone was created when drops of Christ's blood fell on some jasper at the foot of the cross. The stone is a dark green quartz with red spots of Iron oxide in it. They are mainly found in Australia, India and Brazil.


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