Mouawad Splendor Diamond

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Origin of name

Mouawad Splendor is another eponymous diamond in the rare and magnificent collection of diamonds belonging to Robert Mouawad. There are eight eponymous diamonds in this collection bearing the name Mouawad. Robert Mouawad is the head of the international jewelry empire, Mouawad Jewelers, which has an unblemished record, of 117 years of service to it's worldwide customers.

The Mouawad Splendor Diamond is a 101.84-carat D-color internally flawless modified pear shaped diamond

Characteristics of the diamond

The Mouawad Splendor is a 101.84-carat, D-color, internally flawless (IF) diamond, with an unusual 11-sided pear shape. The current estimated value of the diamond is over $ 12 million.

The Mouawad Splendor is the 7th largest diamond in the Mouawad's rare and unique collection of diamonds, and the 3rd largest eponymous diamond in the collection. See tables below.

List of Mouawad's eponymous diamonds


Name Carat Weight Shape/Cut


1 Mouawad Magic 108.81 emerald D-color
2 Mouawad Monolith 104.02 emerald 
3 Mouawad Splendor 101.84 pear D-color
4 Mouawad Mondera 60.19 pear D-color
5 Mouawad white 48.28 marquise D-color
6 Mouawad blue 42.92 pear fancy blue
7 Mouawad Lilac 24.44 emarald fancy pink
8 Mouawad Pink 21.06 radiant fancy pink

Robert Mouawad's collection of diamonds



carat weight color


1 Jubilee 245.35 D-color cushion
2 Premier rose 137.02 D-color pear
3 Queen of Holland 135.92 D-color cushion
4 Mouawad Magic 108.81 D-color emerald
5 Unnamed 106.00  modified pear
6 Mouawad Monolith 104.02  emerald
7 Mouawad Splendor 101.84 D-color pear
8 Ahmedabad 78.86 D-color pear
9 Excelsior I 69.68 D-color pear
10 Taylor-Burton 68.07 D-color pear
11 Mouawad Mondera 60.19 D-color pear
12 Star of Abdul Aziz 59.00 D-color pear
13 Mouawad White 48.28 D-color marquise
14 Indore Pears I 46.95 D-color pear
15 Indore Pears II 46.70 D-color pear
16 President Vargas 44.17  emerald
17 Mouawad Blue 42.92 fancy blue pear
18 Mouawad Lilac 24.44 fancy pink emerald
19 Mouawad Pink 21.06 fancy pink radiant

The Mouawad Splendor is a Type IIa diamond, being a D-color diamond, that is absolutely colorless. Such diamonds are free of all impurities such as nitrogen and boron and have perfectly formed crystals, without any plastic distortions. Impurities and structural abnormalities are two factors that can cause color in diamonds. In the absence of these factors the diamonds are absolutely colorless. However these diamonds form only 1-2 % of all naturally occurring diamonds.


None of the details in respect of the diamond's early history are available. The only known facts about the diamond are, it's characteristics, it's current estimated value, and that the diamond is presently owned by the connoisseur and collector of diamonds Robert Mouawad.

Mouawad Splendor set as the centerpiece of a Fantasy Bra

In the year 2005 the Mouawad Splendor was incorporated as the centerpiece of the 5th Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra. This spectacular creation based on Victoria's secret very sexy lingerie line, was a result of the partnership between Mouawad Jewelers and Victoria's secret, the leading American retailer of women's wear, lingerie and beauty products.

The fabulous 18-carat gold bra with ruby-centered floral patterns, consists of 2,966 pave diamonds weighing 108.37 carats, and 22 rubies weighing 38.25 carats. The 101.84-carat Mouawad Splendor diamond was chosen as the centerpiece of the bra, because of its exceptional beauty.

The 5th Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra was presented to the world on 1st November 2005, by the Brazilian beauty and international star, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who wore the bra, together with two complementary accessories, a matching belt and a pendant necklace. The belt with matching ruby-centered floral patterns as the bra was composed of 785 pave diamonds weighing 24.67 carats, and 8 rubies weighing 8.57 carats. The necklace made of 18-carat white gold had a single ruby-centered diamond flower pendant. The whole set-up had a price tag of $ 12.5 million placed on it.

Click Here for Image of the Fantasy Bra (External Link)

Mouawad Splendor Diamond, hanging as the centerpiece of a Victoria's secret fantasy bra

History of Mouawad Jewelers

Mouawad Jewelers which has a history of 117 years, is headed by Robert Mouawad, who is the third in line of succession to the ownership of this internationally renowned jewelry establishment. The company had it's beginning in a small way, when it's founder Daoud Mouawad opened the first jewelry store in downtown Beirut in 1890, having learnt the art of crafting jewelry in New York and Mexico. Daoud was succeeded by his son Fayes, who further expanded the business, and in 1950 decided to move his business to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This was a wise and timely move, that opened opportunities for further expansion, and to benefit from the growing affluence of Saudi Arabia and other oil producing nations of the Gulf. Fayes was succeeded by his son Robert, who was responsible for transforming the company into a truly global outfit, by first expanding the business into Europe, and subsequently into North America and the Far East.

The Company is involved in many aspects of the gem and jewelry industry, such as the processing of rough gems and diamonds, and the manufacture and sale of fine jewelry. The company has a network of 16 offices, 8 workshops, and over 50 showrooms spread across the globe, and manned by nearly 1,500 employees.

During his years as a successful gem and jewelry dealer, Robert Mouawad was always enchanted by diamonds. In the early 1970s he first entered the international diamond and jewelry auctions, and soon became a significant player at these events. The very presence of Robert Mouawad at the auction rooms was enough to send pulses racing, and he, together with Sheik Ahmed Hassan Fitaihi of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Laurence Graff of Graff Diamonds, London, had been responsible for some of the record prices for diamonds achieved at these auctions.

Mouawad's intention was to start his own diamond collection, and initially his main interest was in acquiring famous and historic diamonds. After competitive bidding at several auctions he was able to acquire many historic diamonds, such as the Ahmedabad, the Excelsior I, the Indore Pears, the Jubilee, the Tereschenko, the Queen of Holland, President Vargas and the Nassak. Later he also acquired more recent but famous diamonds, such as the Premier Rose, the Taylor-Burton, the Star of Abdul Aziz and several recent but rare discoveries which were named after him, and known as eponymous diamonds.

The Mouawad family made a generous donation of 6.8 million dollars to the Gemological Institute of America, and in recognition of this donation the new world headquarters of the institute in Carlsbad, California, has been name the Robert Mouawad Campus.

Robert Mouawad also completed a laudable project in his motherland Lebanon, in which he restored a 110 year old palace in Beirut, the Pharaon Palace and turned into a private museum dedicated to works of art and to his own personal collection of jewelry.

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External Links

1. Mouawad Press Release 01 November 2005

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