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Inauguration of the International Diamond Board

The formation of the new diamond promoting organization “The International Diamond Board” has been announced. According to JCK online this was made public by a press release distribution by the mining group “Rio Tinto”. The formation of the International Diamond Board was recommended by an industry working group that originated from the St Petersburg forum […]

Fradulant Diamond Certificates Been Investigated

According to a press release by the diamond dealers club of South Africa fraudulent certificates has been identified and verified by both laboratories.The certificated accompany undisclosed high pressure-high temperature (HPHT)-treated stones. On Wednesday, that is a day after the announcement of fraudulent certificated by the diamond club of South Africa the Jewellery Council of South […]

Members of JA get special DCA Membership

Photo above, Matthew A Runchi- President and CEO of Jewelers of America. The trade association for fine jewelry retailers in USA, Jewelers of America (JA) has announced a partnership for educational purposes with the Diamond Council of America (DCA). This partnership will provide JA members special access to DCA education and membership. According to a […]

Human Rights Abuse By The Zimbabwe Military In The Diamond Fields

The head of the investigating team from the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme which monitors blood diamonds, Mr Kpandel Fayia has accused the Zimbabwe military for gross human rights violations. According to the financial gazette Zimbabwe, an interim report accused the government as well as the military for the violations. The team also said that the […]

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