Loose Precious and Semi-Precious Stones of the Iranian Crown Jewels

Loose Precious and Semi-precious stones of the Iranian Crown jewels

There are large numbers of loose diamonds and other gemstones among the magnificent collection of jewels and jewelry belonging to the National Iranian Jewels on display at the Treasury of the Central Bank in Iran. The…

Moonstone Gallery from Ceylon Sri Lanka

Moonstone Gallery Move the cursor of the mouse over the image and keep still to view image title   © Copyright Internet Stones.com                    

Jewel Studded Special Settings among the Iranian Crown Jewels

Jewel studded special settings among the Iranian Crown Jewels

Among the Iranian Crown Jewels exhibited at the Treasury of the National Iranian Jewels, there are several jewel studded special settings that contribute to the overall beauty and value of the collection. Some of these special…

Utility Items among the Iranian Crown Jewels

Jewel-studded utility items among the Iranian Crown jewels

Among the fabulous collection of jewels in the Treasury of National Iranian Jewels there are several household utility items which under normal circumstances may not qualify to be included among the Crown Jewels of a nation, but…

Swords, daggers, and shields of the Iranian Crown Jewels

Swords, daggers and shields

Swords were the main weapon of war in traditional warfare since ancient times, until the introduction of firearms. The sword however continued to be used in warfare, until the perfection of firearms. The use of swords as a weapon of war…

Tiaras of the Iranian Crown Jewels

The word tiara is a Greek word for an ancient Persian headdress. The tiara was a high headdress worn by ancient Persian kings and represented the king’s crown. Subsequently the term tiara was used to refer to the tall ovate headdress worn by the Popes of the Catholic Church, made of silver cloth and ornamented […]

The Three Crowns of the Iranian Crown Jewels

Crowns and Coronation

Crowns were a distinctive head ornament worn by kings, queens and monarchs since ancient times, as an emblem or symbol of power and glory. The wearing of a crown was believed to confer on the monarch power and authority over his or her subjects and in this respect supplements a similar function performed by the royal seat or the throne of a monarch. The inauguration of…

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