Table of Famous Black Diamonds

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Name Country/Period of Origin Weight of Rough Diamond Carat weight after cutting Cut/Shape

Price realized at last sale or auction

1 Unnamed black diamond 489.07 Rectangular-cut US$1.7 million
2 Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond Central African Republic 587.00 312.24 Old Moghul-cut Stone remains with original owner Fawaz Gruosi
3 The Black Star of Africa Central African Republic 202.00

Seen for the last time in Tokyo in 1971

4 The Table of Islam Central African Republic 160.18 Emerald cut
5 The Gruosi diamond India 300.12 115.34 Heart-shaped Stone remains with original owner Fawaz Gruosi
6 Korloff Noir Diamond Russia 421.00 88.00 Round brilliant-cut with standard 57 facets Property of Korloff Jewelers France
7 Black Orlov Diamond India or Russia 195.00 67.50 Cushion-cut US$360,000 Christie's NY. Oct.2006
8 Amsterdam Diamond South Africa - 1972 55.85 33.74 Pear-shaped US$352,000 Christie's Geneva. Nov




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