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Emerald and Diamond Parure of Marie-Louise Empress of France

Origin of name The term “parure” (pah-rur) that came into popular usage in France and later other European countries in the 17th century, refer to an entire wardrobe or suite of matching jewelry, which became a status symbol for the royalty, noble and wealthier classes. A parure meant for the royalty usually included a diadem, […]

Duke of Devonshire Emerald

Origin of name The Duke of Devonshire Emerald gets its name from the 6th Duke of Devonshire, William Cavendish, who according to one version, received the enormous gemstone as a gift from the first emperor of Brazil, Don Pedro I, the son of King John VI of Portugal, but according to a second version purchased […]

Crown of the Andes – Emerald-studded Crown

Origin of name The “Crown of the Andes,” one of the most renowned pieces of Jewelry of 16th-century origin, is perhaps one of the first pieces of jewelry to be adorned with emeralds of Colombian origin, after the discovery of emeralds in Colombia in the mid-16th century. The renowned piece represents one of the finest […]

Chalk Emerald Ring

Origin of name The Chalk Emerald Ring which is an important and famous exhibit in the National Gem Collection of the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution, gets its name from the one time owner of the emerald Mrs. Claire Chalk, wife of Oscar Roy Chalk, the renowned New York entrepreneur who […]

Emerald Jewelry that once belonged to Empress Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great, a great patron of the arts, literature and education Catherine II also known as Catherine the Great, was one of the greatest monarchs in the history of Russia, who ruled for 34 years from 1762 to 1796. Catherine II together with Peter the Great are considered as two of the greatest rulers […]

Catherine the Great Emerald Necklace – Marquess of Lothian Emerald Necklace

Origin of name The “Marquess of Lothian Emerald and Diamond Necklace” created in the neo-classic style of the Napoleonic period like the “Marie-Louise Emerald and Diamond Necklace” and the “Empress Josephine Emerald and Diamond Necklace” (presently part of the Norwegian Emerald and Diamond Parure), had been a family heirloom of the Marquesses of Lothian of […]

The Carolina Queen Emerald

Origin of name The 18.88-carat pear-shaped “Carolina Queen Emerald” is said to be the largest, finest and most significant emerald ever found in North America, which can rival the finest of the fine emeralds of Muzo and Chivor mines of Colombia, the international standard for quality in emeralds. The emerald discovered by James K. Hill, […]

The Cambridge and Delhi Dunbar Parure

Origin of the word “parure” The word “parure” meaning “adornment” in French, came into usage in the 17th century Europe to refer to a set of three or more matching pieces of jewelry, which became popular during this period. Eventually the meaning of the word was widened to include an entire wardrobe or suite of […]

Beauharnais Emerald Collection – Grand Duchess Stephanie Emerald Parure

Origin of name Stephanie de Beauharnais, the Grand Duchess of Baden, was a niece to Alexandre Vicomte de Beauharnais, the first husband of Empress Josephine de Beauharnais, who was killed during the upheavals of the French revolution. On March 9, 1796, when Napoleon Bonaparte married Josephine de Beauharnais, he became the step-father to two of […]

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