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Characteristics of Diamonds

Diamonds have captivated human hearts for centuries with their timeless beauty and undeniable allure. As the most coveted gemstone, diamonds possess a range of extraordinary characteristics that make them truly exceptional. From their remarkable hardness and brilliance to their captivating color and clarity, diamonds hold a unique place in the world of gemstones. In this […]

Gemstones in Sri Lanka: A Precious Treasure

Sri Lanka, known as the “Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean,” is a land blessed with a diverse range of gemstones. Renowned for their exceptional quality and vibrant hues, Sri Lankan gemstones have captivated the world for centuries. The island’s rich geological landscape, coupled with skilled craftsmanship, has made Sri Lanka a prominent player in […]

Gemstone Geographic Origin Determination with special reference to Blue Sapphires

Criteria used in determining country of origin of blue sapphires Identification of inclusions is the first criterion used by gemologists in determining the country of origin of a blue sapphire.The presence of inclusions that are unique to certain sapphire producing regions, can be easily used in identifying the source, eg. the presence of needle-like pargasite […]

Diamond Cutting Machines, Gemstone Drilling Machine etc.

Gemstone Drilling Machine Gemstone Drilling Machine The gemstone drilling machine is useful in making beaded gemstone necklace, earrings and other jewelry items. One should always wear safety glasses when using a gemstone drill. The drill should be held perpendicular to the stone. A wrong angle can causecracking at the entry or exit point. Gemstone Drilling […]

Tools and Accessories used in Gemology & by Jewelry Traders

Ring Sticks Ring Sticks Ring sticks comes in various standard sizes such as for U.S.A scale, Indian scales and European scales. Ring Stick Photo above,C.C Ring stick with U.S scale and diameter in mm. Photo above,C.C Ring sizes and ring sizing will be covered on a dedicated page. Ring Sizers Ring Sizers Ring sizers also […]

Instruments used in gemology Part IV- Dr Shihaan’s Guide

Click here to go to Part III 12) Electronic Diamond Tester There are many different types of electronic diamond testers in the market. Electronic diamond testers are portable and battery powered   Presidium Electronic Diamond Tester All electronic diamond testers test the ability of the stone to conduct heat. That is they test the thermal conductivity. […]

Instruments used in gemology Part III- Dr Shihaan’s Guide

Click here to go to Part II Part III of the introduction to instruments used in gemology covers microscopes, ultraviolet lamp, heavy liquids, hardness pencils and weighing scales. 7) Microscopes Kruess Optronic Diamond and Gemstone Microscope with inbuilt fiber optic light source.This microscope can be used for gemstone analysis with immersion technique. The microscope is probably […]

Instruments used in Gemmology-Part II- Dr Shihaan’s Guide

In part II, I will cover four instruments dichroscope, chelsea color filter and polarascope. Click here to go back to Part 1 4)Dichroscope Transparent gemstones may be tested using a dichroscope. A dichroscope is a portable pocked instrument used by gemologists. It is very useful especially in the feild. Dichroscopes can be used for both rough and […]

An Introduction to Instruments used in Gemology 1-Dr Shihaan’s Guide

I have put this topic under ‘Guide to Buying Diamonds & Jewelry’, for buyers that are curious to know what happens behind the scene in a gemological laboratory. Diamond and jewelry buyers can also learn about the commonly used tools by jewelers and dealers. Please do not confuse gemmological instruments with tools and accessories used in gemmology […]

Diamond Shapes & Cuts- Patented and Old European Cuts- Dr Shihaan’s Guide

One should be careful when using the term ‘diamond cut’ as gemmologists use this term to refer to the proportions of the diamond such as width, depth and symmetry of the facets. In other words it refers to the quality of the ‘cutting & polishing’ of the diamond which is covered in my article Cut of […]

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