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Some Local Sinhalese and Tamil Worlds Used in the Gem Industry of Sri Lanka

All the local words (italics) used on this page are in Sinhalese language unless stated otherwise. Illama refers to gem bearing gravel while Goda illama refers to gem bearing gravel that is located just below the surface of the earth. Illam kamatha refers to a small area reserved for placing the illama prior to washing. A steel rod is also used to determine the depth […]

Sri Lanka-Island of Gems Through the Ages

Blue Sapphire – National Gemstone of Sri Lanka. An increasing global awareness of the economic potential of gemstones has created an unprecedented demand for them.  It has led to an accelerated production drive and an intensified search for them in gem producing countries.  Gem producing areas of Sri Lanka (Marked blue) Galle,(marked purple) Sri Lanka ranks […]

Geography of Sri Lanka-

Climate, Relief and Distribution of Population THE RELIEF OF THE ISLAND In respect of relief the Island may be divided into five major regions:-(1)The central Highlands, including the Knuckles and the Rakwana massif.(2)The well-watered southwest country, having a characteristic topography of scarp lands, cuestas, hogs backs, strike ridges, withgentle dip slopes and steeper scarp edges, […]

Madagascar and Sri Lanka Gemstones

common geological origin The age of the earth is about 4 billion years according to modern geologists and astronomers. Much information about the earth has been recovered from the geological records enshrined in the ancient rocks and stratified formations laid down in successive ages as mud, sand, gravel, and shells in the beds of oceans, […]

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