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Sri Lanka-Island of Gems Through the Ages

Blue Sapphire – National Gemstone of Sri Lanka. An increasing global awareness of the economic potential of gemstones has created an unprecedented demand for them.  It has led to an accelerated production drive and an intensified search for them in gem producing countries.  Gem producing areas of Sri Lanka (Marked blue) Galle,(marked purple) Sri Lanka ranks […]

The gemstone and jewelry industry in Sri Lanka

The history of the gems of Sri Lanka can be traced back some 3,000 years or so. They are part of many legends, folk lore and literary works. Sri Lankas gems are much written about by early travellers from Europe, Arabia and Asia.  They have adorned many a Crown, Sceptre and Throne.  These gems are the prized […]

Geography of Sri Lanka-

Climate, Relief and Distribution of Population THE RELIEF OF THE ISLAND In respect of relief the Island may be divided into five major regions:-(1)The central Highlands, including the Knuckles and the Rakwana massif.(2)The well-watered southwest country, having a characteristic topography of scarp lands, cuestas, hogs backs, strike ridges, withgentle dip slopes and steeper scarp edges, […]

Sri Lanka-

Travel,History,People,Culture,Physical features,Tea and food. Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is an island nation situated in the Indian Ocean, closer to the southern tip of Peninsular India and separated from it by the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar. The Palk Strait is a shallow sea about 15 fathoms deep. The width of the Palk Strait at […]

Gem trade in Sri Lanka during the British Period

By Dr Ameer Ali, University of Murdoch, Western Australia. Despite Sri Lanka’s legendary fame for its precious stones, none of the colonial powers showed any interest in developing that industry. John Davy observed that” like mining in general the occupation of searching for gems is a very precarious one” and therefore not “a profitable pursuit”To […]

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