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Table of Largest Gem-Quality Rough Diamonds Discovered in the Different Diamond Mines of the World

Dedicated WebPage for an Up-to-date Table on Largest Gem-Quality Rough Diamonds Discovered in the World Our website has an extensive resource database on the history of the diamond trade, that also includes well written articles on the history of the famous diamonds in the world. More than 200 famous diamonds have been treated extensively under […]

Table of Robert Mouawad’s collection of diamonds

S/N Name carat weight color Shape/Cut 1 Jubilee 245.35 D-color cushion 2 Premier rose 137.02 D-color pear 3 Queen of Holland 135.92 D-color cushion 4 Mouawad Magic 108.81 D-color emerald 5 Unnamed 106.00   modified pear 6 Mouawad Monolith 104.02   emerald 7 Mouawad Splendor 101.84 D-color pear 8 Ahmedabad 78.86 D-color pear 9 Excelsior […]

Namibia the World’s Leading Marine Diamond Mining Country

Namibia in Southwest Africa is today the world’s leading marine diamond prospecting country, where several ships comb the ocean bed, bringing out sediments from the sea bed sometimes as deep as several 100 metres, which was then processed on board the ships for diamonds, and the dredged gravel returned to the ocean floor. History of […]

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

ORIGIN OF NAME  The “Oppenheimer Blue Diamond” gets its name from its previous owner, Sir Philip Oppenheimer, a member of the Oppenheimer family that controlled the De Beers Mining Company and its subsidiary Diamond Trading Company from 1929 to 2012 . He was a cousin to Harry Oppenheimer, who succeeded as Chairman of the Company […]

The Aurora Diamond Collection

Origin of name The Aurora Diamond Collection is the most comprehensive collection of naturally colored diamonds in the world, consisting of all the multifarious colors in which diamonds exist in nature, represented in different shapes, sizes, color saturations, as well as modified colors. There are 296 diamonds in the collection weighing a total of 267.45 […]

The Cambridge and Delhi Dunbar Parure

Origin of the word “parure” The word “parure” meaning “adornment” in French, came into usage in the 17th century Europe to refer to a set of three or more matching pieces of jewelry, which became popular during this period. Eventually the meaning of the word was widened to include an entire wardrobe or suite of […]

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