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List of Pearls/Pearl Jewelry/Pearl Settings that Performed Exceptionally Well at Public Auctions Arranged in Chronological Order of their Sale

In this webpage we have published an important table listing famous pearls/pearl jewelry/pearl settings that performed exceptionally well at public auctions, arranged in chronological order of their sale, begining with the Mancini drop-shaped pearl ear-pendants that sold at Christie’s New York in October 1979 and ending with the Seven-Strand Natural Pearl and Diamond Necklace, that […]

Important Tables on Famous Pearls of the World

The Need for a Dedicated Webpage on Important Tables on Famous Pearls of the World Our website has an extensive resource database on the natural and cultured pearl industries of the world, and has incorporated exhaustive information on around 130 famous pearls and pearl-containing jewelry, both historic and contemporary, and 10 dedicated pages on the History of the […]

The Putilov Pearl Brooch

Origin of Name The Putilov Pearl Brooch gets its name from Alexey Ivanovich Putilov (1866, Russia – 1940, Paris), the Russian financier, banker, entrepreneur and industrialist, or borrowing a term from the Marxist Philosophy, a prominent member of the bourgeoisie or capitalist class of pre-socialist Russia, with close connections to the aristocratic class, whose members […]

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