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(1)Hopes cats eye- over 500 carats.
It is the largest chrysoberyl Cats Eye in the world previously owned by Thomas P.Hope,the wealthy British banker and gem investor. This enormous cats eye is carved to represent an altar surmounted by a torch. It is hemispherical in shape and measures about one and a half inches in diameter.

(2)Blue giant of the orient-466 carats
This is the largest blue sapphire in the world-466 carats. Is was mined in the Ratnapura (Gem City) District of Sri Lanka in 1907.It is a treasured possession of a famous American Gem Collector.

The Bismark Sapphire Necklace,a Sri Lankan stone
©Smithsonian Institute,photo by Chip Clark

(3)Logan Blue Sapphire-423 carats
It is the second largest blue sapphire in the world. It has a rich deep blue colour and is completely flawless. It was gifted to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC by Mrs. John A Logan.

(4)Rosser Reeves Star Ruby-138 carats
This is the world’s largest star ruby, and it combines the rare features of excellent colour,good transparency and a well defined star. It is one of the outstanding exhibits of the U.S National Gem collection at the Smithsonian Institute.

Rosser Reeves Star Ruby,a Sri Lankan stone
©Smithsonian Institute,photo by Chip Clark

Logan Sapphire Brooch,a Sri Lankan stone
©Smithsonian Institute

 Gem producing areas of Sri Lanka (Marked blue) Galle,(marked purple)
sri lanka sapphire

(5)Blue Belle of Asia-400 carats
It is the third largest blue sapphire on record. It was discovered in 1926 from the paddy fields of Pelmadulla in the Ratnapura District. It is famous for its highly priced peacock blue color and excellent clarity. It is the valuable possession of a wealthy British gem collector.

(6)A British Royal Jewel-105 carats chrysoberyl cats eye
This chrysoberyl cats eye is of Sri Lankan origin. A reputed London Jeweler sold it to the British Royalty around 1900.The gemstone is of exceptionally fine quality and was cherished by four British Monarchs-Edward VI, George V, Edward VII, Queen Elizabeth II.

(7)Ray of Treasure-105 carats

This is another chrysoberyl Cats Eye weighing 105 carats, recently mined from the gem gravels of Sri Lanka. The stone displays a Milk and Honey effect, good transparency and has a well defined silver ray. It is a splendid flawless specimen and forms a part of the collection of the National Gem and Jewelry Authority of Sri Lanka.

(8)Star of India-563 carats
This is the second largest star sapphire in the world and is unique because it has excellent stars on both sides of the stone. It is part of the collection of American Museum of National History, and is mistakenly referred to as the “star of India”, even though it is universally acknowledged as of Sri Lankan origin.

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