S/NNameCountry/Period of OriginWeight of Rough DiamondCarat weight after cuttingCut/ShapePrice realized at last sale or auction
1Unnamed black diamond489.07Rectangular-cutUS$1.7 million
2Spirit of de Grisogono DiamondCentral African Republic587.00312.24Old Moghul-cutStone remains with original owner Fawaz Gruosi
3The Black Star of AfricaCentral African Republic202.00Seen for the last time in Tokyo in 1971
4The Table of IslamCentral African Republic160.18Emerald cut
5The Gruosi diamondIndia300.12115.34Heart-shapedStone remains with original owner Fawaz Gruosi
6Korloff Noir DiamondRussia421.0088.00Round brilliant-cut with standard 57 facetsProperty of Korloff Jewelers France
7Black Orlov DiamondIndia or Russia195.0067.50Cushion-cutUS$360,000 Christie’s NY. Oct.2006
8Amsterdam DiamondSouth Africa – 197255.8533.74Pear-shapedUS$352,000 Christie’s Geneva. Nov


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