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Our website has an extensive resource database on the history of the diamond trade, that also includes well written articles on the history of the famous diamonds in the world. More than 200 famous diamonds have been treated extensively under this section and are listed in alphabetical order on two webpages titled Famous Diamonds, Gemstones and Pearls. A third webpage listing additional famous diamonds have been created, and given the title “More Famous Diamonds”

In some of our famous diamond pages we have also incorporated tabulated information pertaining to other famous diamonds of the type of diamond under consideration, eg. when writing about a famous blue diamond, a table incorporating all other famous blue diamonds is also included, that gives the overall position of the blue diamond under consideration on this table. The table also includes a wealth of information such as the carat weight of the diamond, the shape/cut of the diamond, the color grade/clarity of the diamond, the country/period of origin of the diamond and price realized at auction or value when last sold.

In this webpage we are publishing a table of known famous yellow diamonds greater than 100 carats in weight, arranged in descending order of carat weights. The table would be updated as the existence of more significant yellow diamonds come to light.

List of known famous yellow diamonds greater than 100 carats in weight, arranged in descending order of carat weights

Last updated by Lareef A. Samad on Friday, August 30, 2013

S/NNameCarat WeightShape/CutColor
1Incomparable407.48shield shapedfancy brownish yellow
2Oppenheimer-uncut253.70natural octahedralyellow
3De Beers234.65cushionlight yellow
4Red Cross205.07cushioncanary yellow
6Moon183.00roundpale yellow
8Star of Peace170.49pearbrownish yellow
9Hope of Africa151.91cushionfancy yellow
11Florentine137.27double rose cutlight yellow
12Algeiba Star135.03square brilliantyellow
13Sarah132.43cushionfancy vivid yellow
14Golden Hue132.42cushionyellow
15Tiffany Yellow128.54cushioncanary yellow
18Vainer Briolette116.60briolettefancy light yellow
21Mouna112.50cushionfancy intense yellow
22African Yellow112.00yellow
25Golden Sun105.54emeraldyellow
26Golden Door104.95pearyellow
27Ashberg102.48cushionfancy brownish yellow
28Alnatt101.29cushionfancy vivid yellow


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