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Our website has an extensive resource database on the history of the diamond trade, that also includes well written articles on the history of the famous diamonds in the world. More than 200 famous diamonds have been treated extensively under this section and are listed in alphabetical order on two webpages titled Famous Diamonds, Gemstones and Pearls. A third webpage listing additional famous diamonds have been created, and given the title “More Famous Diamonds”

In some of our famous diamond pages we have also incorporated tabulated information pertaining to other famous diamonds of the type of diamond under consideration, eg. when writing about a famous blue diamond, a table incorporating all other famous blue diamonds is also included, that gives the overall position of the blue diamond under consideration on this table. The table also includes a wealth of information such as the carat weight of the diamond, the shape/cut of the diamond, the color grade/clarity of the diamond, the country/period of origin of the diamond and price realized at auction or value when last sold.

In this webpage we are publishing a table of known famous pink diamonds arranged in descending order of carat weights. The table would be updated as the existence of more significant pink diamonds come to light.

List of known famous pink diamonds arranged in descending order of carat weights

Last updated by Lareef A. Samad on Friday, August 31, 2013

S/NoNameCarat WeightValue / Price realized at Auctions (USD)Shape/CutColor
1Darya-i-Nur186Antique Table-cut -Golcondalight pink
2Nur-ul-Ain60Antique Oval brilliant-cut – Golcondalight pink
3Steinmetz pink59.60Estimated 100 millionOval mixed-cutfancy vivid pink
4Shah Jahaan56.71Antique Table-cut – Golcondalight pink
5Princie Diamond34.6539.3 million in April 2013 – Christie’s New YorkCushion-cut – Golcondafancy intense pink/VS2 clarity
6Agra32.344 million sterling pounds in 1990 (about 6 milion USD)Antique Cushion-cut – Golcondafancy light pink
7Pink Sunrise29.79Modified Heart shapedfancy pink
8Rose of Dubai25.026 million in 2005Modern Pear-shapedfancy pink
9Graff Pink before and after recutting24.78 23.8846 million 2010 – Sotheby’s Geneva – Nov 2010Modified emerald-cutfancy intense pink, after recutting fancy vivid pink
10Mouawad Lilac24.441.1 million in 1976 Estimated 20 million in 2007Emerald-cutfancy purplish pink
11Williamson23.56Wedding Gift to Queen ElizabethRound brilliant-cutfancy pink
12Graff Pink Orchid22.84Marquise-cutfancy purplish pink
13Mouawad Pink21.06Radiant-cutfancy pink
14Hortensia20.00Antique Pentagonal-cutlight orange pink
151994 Christie’s Geneva Auction19.667.4 million in 1994 fancy pink
16Perfect Pink14.2323.2 million in 2010Emerald-cutfancy intense pink
17Martian Pink12.0417.4 million in May 2012 – Christie’s Hong KongRound brilliant-cutfancy intense pink
18May 2011, Sotheby’s Geneva Auction10.9910.8 million in 2011Emerald-cutfancy intense pink
19Graff Pink Supreme10.83Modern Pear-shapedfancy pink
20Argyle Pink Diamond10.11Canadian Dollar 8-12 millionCushion-cutfancy intense orangish-pink
21April 2011 Christie’s New York Auction10.09Unsold – Estimated 12-15 millionCushion-cutfancy vivid purplish-pink
22Conde Pink9.01Antique Pear-shapelight pink
23Huguette Clark Pink Diamond9.0015.7 million – Christie’s New York, April 2012Cushion-cutfancy vivid purplish-pink
24Pink Muse8.90Estimated 12 millionModern oval brilliant-cutprobably fancy vivid
251995 Sotheby’s Auction7.376.0 million in 1995Emerald-cutfancy intense purplish-pink
26Christie’s New York, Dec.20106.896.9 million in 2010Emerald-cutfancy vivid purplish-pink
27The Vivid Pink5.0010.8 million 2009Cushion-cutfancy vivid pink


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