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Gachala Emerald

Origin of name The 858-carat “Gachala Emerald” described as one of the most beautiful emerald gemstones ever known, gets its name from the mining district where the “Vegas de San Juan” mine that produced the renowned gemstone was situated. Though lighter in color the Gachala emeralds were cleaner with less inclusions and more transparent than […]

Emerald Unguentarium (Vessel) in the Imperial Treasury in Vienna

Origin of name The term unguentarium is derived from the Latin word “unguent” which means a soft greasy or thick substance used as ointment or for lubrication. An unguentarium is a small vessel or container that holds an unguent. Unguentaria of different sizes and shapes made of ceramic or glass had been in use since […]

Emerald Necklaces of the Maharajah of Nawanagar

Jewelry of the Maharajahs were symbols of status and power The Maharajah Jamsahib of Nawanagar, Shri Kumar Ranjithsinhji Vibhaji Jadega (1872-1933) was a connoisseur and collector of gems and jewelry and had a fabulous collection of jewelry, some inherited from his ancestors and others designed and executed during his life time by Jacques Cartier, with […]

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