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Madagascar and Sri Lanka gemstones-Common geological origin

History of the gem trade in Sri Lanka

Pearl industry during the British period in Sri Lanka.

Gem trade in Sri Lanka during the British period.

Sri Lanka-An introduction

Geography of Sri Lanka-Climate-relief and distribution of the population.

Ancient names of Sri Lanka

Wedding Anniversary gems (America)

Jade and Jade Jewelry-A unique gemstone associated with ancient Chinese civilization

Amethyst Gemstone gallery

Apatite Gallery

Aquamarine Gemstone Gallery

Blue star Sapphire Gallery

Blue Topaz Gallery

Chrysoberyl Cats Eye Gallery

Natural Pink Star Sapphire/Ruby Gallery

Padparascha Sapphire Gallery

Sinhalite Gemstone Gallery

Yellow Sapphire Gallery

Ancient technology utilized to manufacture Sri Lankan gem beads and carvings.

The gem and jewelry industry in Sri Lanka

Island of Gems through the ages.

Establishment of a Gemological Testing Laboratory

Sri Lanka Gemstone and Jewelry Industry. Quartely magazine published by the National Gem and Jewelry Authority. Gem Talk Sept 2007 Reproduced with permission.

Facets of Sri Lanka 2007.

Gem Talk Dec 2007, reproduced with permission.

Some Local Terms Used In The Gem Industry In Sri Lanka

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See also  Tools and Accessories used in Gemology & by Jewelry Traders

Retail Jewelry Catalogue From Sponsors

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