S/NNamecarat weightcolorShape/Cut
2Premier rose137.02D-colorpear
3Queen of Holland135.92D-colorcushion
4Mouawad Magic108.81D-coloremerald
5Unnamed106.00 modified pear
6Mouawad Monolith104.02 emerald
7Mouawad Splendor101.84D-colorpear
9Excelsior I69.68D-colorpear
11Mouawad Mondera60.19D-colorpear
12Star of Abdul Aziz59.00D-colorpear
13Mouawad White48.28D-colormarquise
14Indore Pears I46.95D-colorpear
15Indore Pears II46.70D-colorpear
16President Vargas44.17 emerald
17Mouawad Blue42.92fancy bluepear
18Mouawad Lilac24.44fancy pinkemerald
19Mouawad Pink21.06fancy pinkradiant

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