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This section of our popular website is targetted at the consumers of diamonds and jewelry. Before one purchases an expensive item and a potential investement such as diamonds, it is recommended that one should educate themself briefly about the item. What is even more important is that the advice/recommendation/education should be provided by experts who do not have any commercial bias. Our website is purely an information/educational website.

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This guide will also help you to avoid buying synthetic and treated gemstones and diamonds.

1) What are the 4 c’s of Diamond Grading?

The 4c’s which describes the physical properties or characteristics of a diamond and therefore its value, include carat weight, cut, clarity and color

i) Cut

ii) Carat weight (Click to learn more)

iii) Color

iv) Clarity

You may watch a brief 3 minute video on the 4c’s of diamonds by the GIA.

2) Diamond buying FAQ’s

3) What is a Diamond Grading Report?

4) Special Diamond Grading Reports and Sealed Diamond Reports

5) Diamond Shapes and Cuts

6) An Introduction to Instruments used in Gemmology I

7 )An Introduction to Instruments used in Gemmology II

8) An Introduction to Instruments used in Gemmology III

9) An Introduction to Instruments used in Gemmology IV

10) Tools and Accessories used in Gemology and by Jewelry Traders

11) Miscellaneous Tools & Instruments Used in Gemmology

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